Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yes, my lovely ninja minions. Library Ninja is moving to a new location. We have enjoyed our stay here at Blogger and we have been so proud of how much we have grown in content and in ninja minions over the last two years.

As of Monday, November 1, we will no longer post here on the Blogger account.

If you visit the Arlington Public Library website on a regular basis, then you know that we recently underwent a massive website re-design. Personally, I think it looks pretty magnificent compared to what we had before. With that re-design, we decided to place the Library Ninja blog directly on the website itself. It just seemed to make sense (also, it means you are more tempted to search through our awesome website and find more books, movies, music, programs, classes, and things you never even knew we had!).

If you have Library Ninja bookmarked or marked as a favorite in your internet browser, please change that bookmark to http://www.arlingtonlibrary.org/library-ninja.

If you follow us via an RSS feed, please go here http://arlingtonlibrary.org/rss and find the new Library Ninja RSS feed to add to whatever you use to follow blogs. You will also find RSS feeds for New items added to our catalog, as well as a few other lovely things.

That being said, come on over to our new location, keep submitting those book reviews, and explore our new Teen Page.

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