Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Ninja Reviews. . .Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

Phoebe was born into the famous and influential Rothschild family but she feels like its most ordinary member. Always overshadowed by the wealth and power of her family, Phoebe feels powerless to be herself and make lasting friendships. Mallory Tolliver is the new girl at school who is in danger of becoming a laughingstock until Phoebe decides to claim the power her name gives her and befriend Mallory. Four years have passed and Phoebe and Mallory are inseparable.

Mallory was born a faerie princess and has been sent to the human realm on a mission. She must entice a female member of the Rothschild family into the faerie world or all of the faeries face extinction. What was thought to be an easy assignment turns difficult when Mallory becomes too influenced by her Earthly surroundings and Phoebe’s friendship.

Ryland is Mallory’s brother who is sent by the Faerie Queen to succeed where Mallory has failed. His mission is to seduce Phoebe with his glamour and manipulate her into cooperating with the Faerie Queen’s plans.

Is Phoebe destined to be ruled by the prophecy concerning her family? Will Mallory be able to stop her friend from making a terrible mistake? Will Ryland succeed in luring Phoebe and saving his race?

Nancy Werlin has once again created a brilliant story, which weaves together a mystical and human world. It was truly disturbing for me to read the psychological abuse and manipulation Ryland uses on Phoebe in his attempts to lure her. And I totally love the perspective Phoebe has concerning the demise of the faeries and how she relates it to her own Jewish heritage. So if you are looking for a little evil faerie mayhem for All Hallows Eve, give Extraordinary a read!

Review by Angela J.

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