Friday, October 8, 2010

Teen Review by Hafsah. . .The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The sound of faeries in a YA novel use to make me cringe. I have avoided all faery and magical creatures ever since Peter Pan and Harry Potter. After I started my blog, however, I thought I should give fearies a try. Now, I can't wait to pick up The Iron Daughter (book 2).
Meghan Chase lives a boring life where everyone avoids her. She was never able to fit in, and has only one friend - Robbie, who's her best friend, despite the fact that she's never been to his house or met his parents. She soon finds out that Robbie...isn't Robbie or what he seems.

When Meghan's brother, Ethan, is kidnapped, no one knows. In his place there is an exact replica of Ethan, but a more violent one. No one can really tell the difference, but Meghan knows. And Meghan will do anything to get the real Ethan back, even exchange her own life.

With her friend Robbie, now called Puck, she sets off into the land of Nevernever - through her brother's closet. Meghan is shocked by new secrets, the most shocking of all - Meghan Chase is not fully human, she's half-fey. Nevernever is full of trouble, most creatures want to eat her, kill her, or do worse things. But the faery world is eroding, losing its lands to a new and powerful element - iron.

I made a mistake of not picking up The Iron King when it first came out. I like how its serious and suspensful, but has humor in the most unexpected places! I was hooked from the very first page, and I am already on the hold list for book two - The Iron Daughter.

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