Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Teen Review by Abdullah. . .I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

They might be the the person you are walking past right now as you go to school in your ordinary and peaceful lives. They could be your next door neighbors who act very strange and keep to themselves, and who you think very peculiar. If only you knew how important they are to the survival Earth and that if they get beaten by the Mogadorians, the evil and sinister race from the planet Mogadore, then all is lost.

They are the Loriens, the last of their kind who have powers you dream of having. Who can do things you only do in your dreams. There were originally nine that came to Earth after their planet was destroyed by the Mogadorians, but three were killed and now they are hunting down Number Four.

John Smith, aka, Number Four can't remember a single moment in his life when he and his Cepan, Henri have lived without having to leave at a moments notice, so just as soon as he is allowed to to make friends in the current state that he is living in, the scar that he fears seeing every day appears on his ankle. The scar only meant one thing Number Three was dead, killed by the vicious Mogadorians who were bent on destroying all life in the universe and, it also that meant that they had to leave right away. This time, leaving seemed worst then last time for him and Henry, because he had been staying here for a while. Little does he know that his new home would bring him loyal friends, enemies, and a much more intresting life that includes the girl he just met, the Legacy (special power) he just discovered, and a lot of death.

Author Pittacus Lore weaves a tale of danger and mystery in I Am Number Four and as he tells the story of John. He also throws himself in the story as one of Loriens ruling elders and writes one of the greatest scence fiction stories of all time. Pittacus Lore will probably write a sequel to I Am Number Four and I can't wait for it to come out.

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