Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teen Review by Amber. . .As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins

The story is about a kid named Ry who travels from Montana to Wisconsin (and more!) to find his way back home. In the beginning of the book, Ry is traveling on a train when it stops in the middle of Montana because of maintenance problems. He decides to step out of the train car for just a moment (bad idea) to call his grandfather on his cellphone. As a result, he gets left behind. As he treks home, he meets Del and many more people who help him along the way.

During the whole story, there are some side stories that all tie up together in the end, sometimes so coincidentally it seems rather weird. The occasional illustrations help you to imagine Ry, Del, and two confused dogs (you'll see) throughout the whole book.

This book was nice read; I could hardly put it down when I first read it, but the action was a bit slow and the book seemed too light-hearted. I'm not saying that all the cheeriness was bad; it was just not dark enough to seem like there was much of a conflict. It sometimes seemed that Ry wasn't even worried about getting back home. I do like the fact that Lynne Rae Perkins created soft, amiable people and sweet moments. This book may not be worth falling off the Earth for, but it is worth reading and reflecting over.

I love the title of this book. Glad you read and enjoyed it, Amber! Here are a few more interesting, amusing, and surprisingly smart books that you might want to read:

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