Monday, November 16, 2009

The Ninja Reviews. . .Pop by Gordon Korman

After his parent’s divorce, Marcus Jordan moves with his mom to a small town in upstate New York. Marcus LOVES football and played JV ball at his school in Kansas so he is excited to discover that the local high school team was undefeated last season. His goal is to make the Varsity team and be their starting quarterback. Not knowing anyone in town, Marcus begins practicing by himself at the park by his house until one day he is joined by Charlie, a huge man, who wants to play with him. Charlie is merciless in his tackling and throwing and Marcus rises to the challenge. Marcus soon discovers that his new playmate is none other than Charlie Popovich (aka The King of Pop) a retired NFL lineman. Armed with new techniques, Marcus tries out for the team only to discover that the quarterback position is already taken by Troy Popovich, Charlie’s son.

Meanwhile, Troy’s antagonism grows as Marcus cements his position as blocker on the varsity team and begins hanging out with Allie, Troy’s ex-girlfriend. Then there is the fact that Troy’s dad seems to like hanging out more with Marcus than his own son. Not to mention the dark fear Troy has that he will turn out to be like his dad. Keeping the family’s secret is weighing heavily on Troy. How can he continue to play football knowing what he does?

I have to tell you that Gordon Korman is one of my all time favorite YA authors. He is the bomb! He Rocks! He is full of awesome! I will read ANYTHING he writes— books, blog, grocery list. You don’t have to even like football to love the storytelling in this novel. And as always, Korman is not afraid to TACKLE hot issues and bring them to young readers. Read it or find yourself at the bottom of the pile!

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