Saturday, October 24, 2009

TRW Autographed Book Contest Day 6

YAY!  You've made it to the last day of the contest.  Congrats.  Answer these last 5 questions for the TRW Autographed Book Contest and send them to  When you complete these five questions you should have turned in a total of 30 questions to the Ninja throughout the last week.  The Ninja will choose at random our winners!  

Here are the Questions for Saturday:
Q: Name Eoin Colfer's newest book.  (Hint: it's a 2009-2010 Lone Star book!)
Q: What 2009-2010 Lone Star Book is set during the "turbulent times of the French Revolution"?
Q: What Katy Moran book is set in the year 650 A.D. in Britain?
Q: In the book The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams, Kyra is told by the Prophet that she will marry this person?
Q: The title of this book is another name for the plant jimsonweed, a plant that can "cause true hallucinations that cannot be distinguished from reality".

Contest is only open to Arlington area residents in 7-12th grade. Questions must be answered every day until today Saturday, October 24 for a total of 30 questions sent in to Answers must be sent in the same day questions are posted. Good luck!