Friday, October 23, 2009

TRW Autographed Book Contest Day 5

*WHEW* You've made it to Day 5!  Answer the questions below and email the Library Ninja at!  Remember new questions will go up everyday at 9 a.m.  Saturday is the last day so you're almost there :)

Here are the Questions for Friday
Q: Last year, one of the branches hosted a Twilight Trivia Challenge. Which team won the challenge?
Q: What is the FULL name of the main character in Lisa Yee’s most recent book.
Q: Which book featuring characters Damon and Ever was described as having a cover “reminiscent of Twilight”? (Fun Fact: the Library Ninja's review is featured on this book's Amazon page!)
Q: What is the name of the series featuring main character Zoey Redbird? And, in what U.S. state does the series take place?
Q: What new Science Fiction themed book club meets the third Wednesday of each month and at which library branch do they meet?

Contest is only open to Arlington area residents in 7-12th grade. Questions must be answered every day until Saturday, October 24 for a total of 30 questions sent in to Answers must be sent in the same day questions are posted. Good luck!