Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bailey Junior High ROCKS!!!

I just wanted to say hello and a really big THANK YOU to all the 7th graders that Jenny and I met this morning at Bailey Junior High. All three groups we met were awesome. I had a good time talking about the Lone Star books, Summer Reading Club, and Library Ninja. I hope you all had a good time, too.

And Mrs. Jenkins (Bailey's librarian) is equally as awesome! You are all really lucky to have her as your librarian.

If there are any students from Bailey reading this and you didn't get to ask the questions you wanted to ask or want to ask if we have a certain book, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or just click on EMAIL US.

Remember - you can also follow us on Twitter or friend us on MySpace. We really want to hear from you. Tell us what books/movies/songs you love or hate. Write us a review of a book you read and we'll give you a free book!

So, thanks again, Bailey Junior High!

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