Friday, November 7, 2008

This is Push

PUSH has become one of my favorite publishers of Teen books. They tend to be edgy and often have great covers. But what makes PUSH really great is that, to date, they have published three books of work by teens.

You Are Here, This Is Now, Where We Are, What We See, We Are Quiet, We Are Loud all include short stories, essays, poems, photographs, and paintings by American Teens.

My copy of You Are Here, This Is Now is actually falling apart from my having read it so many times. The work in these books is amazingly brilliant, funny, heartbreaking, and just plain WOW.

In the past, PUSH has worked with the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards for some of their contest winners. If you are a teen and you love to write, you should check out both websites. These are great places for aspiring writers to go.

Speaking of which, has anyone made any significant headway for NaNoWriMo? I'm a wee bit behind myself, but I hope to catch up this weekend!

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