Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check out a program. . .or write a blog post

Mid-terms and finals are coming up (oh, joy of joys!) and I know you will all be looking for ways to chill out and decompress. December is definitely the time to visit any one of the branches of the Arlington Public Library for some really great programs just for teens.

From crafts to gaming, we have plenty of ways for you to relax (and get some free munchies, too). Check out the Teen Page on our website for upcoming programs. A couple of the programs require registration, so don't wait too long!

In the meantime, post a comment and let us know what books you've read, what movie you watched, or what new music CD you listened to. Better yet, write a paragraph (or 2 or 3) and email it to us! We might just post it on the blog.

Tell us which books you stayed up all night to read and which ones were so bad you threw them across the room. Did you see a new movie that made you laugh or made you walk out of the theater? Were you listening to a new CD in the car and you couldn't get a tune out of your head all day long? We want to know!

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