Monday, November 1, 2010

New Blog Home!

To our Super Fabulous Ninja Blog Readers

We have a fancy new home (pinkies up everyone)!  The library has updated its website and with that comes a fancy new blog embedded within the website....coool!  The new blog still works the can still send in reviews, get free books, find information on the best YA books out there, etc.  It's now just more awesome.  Trust us...

If you subscribe via RSS, please change your feed! You can still contact Ninja Amy and myself.  Just click the new Contact button on the left hand menu.  We are continuing to explore ways to improve the new website.  All suggestions are welcome.  Over time Ninja Amy and I will try to find time to upload older reviews from this blog.

Thank you to everyone who made this blog so successful.  Please continue with us on our journey by heading over to our new blog:

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