Monday, August 9, 2010

Teen Review by Hannah. . .Gone by Michael Grant

Gone by Michael Grant is an awesome book about survival and cooperation between teens.
The small town of Perdido beach, California is normal. Schools, a daycare, hardware store, all the normal stuff. That is, if you don't count the nuclear power plant that powers the city and exploded a long time ago after it got hit by a meteor. And when all the people over the age of 14 within a 10 mile radius blink out of existance(literally), some kids blame the power plant.

Some other things go crazy too, like mutating animals and kids developing supernatural powers. Adn of course the logical thing to do is to go get help, right? But they can't. There's an inpenatrable barrier all the way around the affected area. Soon a bunch of kids and their leader, Caine, from a school for the gifted, Coates Academy, arrive in Perdido beach and take over. They aren't doing very well at leading, though. Their 'officers' are beating kids up and taking whatever they want. Sam, a local surfer who can shoot fire out of his hands, Astrid, the blonde genius, Edilio, a normal kid, Quinn, Sam's surfer buddy, and Little Pete, Astrid's autistic little brother who doesn't seem to relate to the world, set out to find out what's happened to their world and correct Caine's evil reign.

Soon it comes to a battle of powers against powers, and who knows who will win? The strong and evil-minded, or the strong and nobleh-earted? You'll have to read this book and the rest in the series to find out. This book is full of action, suspense, and mystery. I highly recommend it and give it a 10!

Thanks, Hannah! This is a great book. Stephen King even gives a shout-out to Gone as having one of the most evil villains in literature! (Look at the last paragraph of the article.)

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