Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teen Review by Abdullah. . .Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening by Michael Owen Carroll

It's been ten years since all the superheroes disappeared. Titan, with his super strength and ability to fly, Quantum with his amazing speed, Energy with her ability to absorb any form of power and then release it, and hundreds of other superheroes and super villains. What happened to all of them? That's the same question people ask ten years later on Mystery Day (the day that all the supers disappeared).

Collin (the main character) and Danny have been friends for as long as they can remember and they never keep secrets from each other. So one day, when a girl named Susie was crossing the street, a bus came speeding down the street, Danny ran, picked her up and came back all in a matter of seconds! Collin is amazed and thinks that Danny might be a super. Collin keeps on bugging Danny on the subject until Danny finally breaks and says yes. Little did either of the boys know that those few words would bring disaster upon both of their families. That night while in bed he discovers that he has super hearing and super strength. In his excitement he rushed down to tell his parents who tell him that their Titan and Energy and Danny's dad is Quantum! In this fast-paced thriller there is a mixture of friendship and treachery and is also accountable as an Ottakar Children book Winner in the UK.

I couldn't believe what a good book it was. The cover looked kind of old but my older sister insisted that I read the inside. Once I did I knew I had to read it, the book is like a mixture of James Bond and X-Men and I recommend it to everyone.

Why do I love teen reviews? Because I get to read about books that I sometimes overlook. This one sounds right up my alley. If you want another book full of heroes, villains, and tons of action, put a request on one of these titles:

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by John Flanagan

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