Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teen Review by Morgan. . .Letters From the Heart by Annie Bryant

This book is about a girl named Maeve. She has awesome friends, good grades, a wonderful family but that all turns around when her mother and father get a divorce Maeve relizes her world is falling apart. She doesn't want anyone too know about the big split so she doesn't hangout with her friends anymore or let them come over to her house but her friends know something up with there friend so they try to get her to open up. And when she does she finally realizes that when something major happens she can turn around and tell her friends without feeling embarrassed.

If anyone asks me I say Maeve has some pretty cool friends.

Thanks for the review, Morgan! We don't have this book in our catalog, but we do have one of the other Beacon Street Girls books. If you love this series, try one of these:

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