Monday, July 19, 2010

Teen Review by Hafsah. . .Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman

"You are indestructible." Those are the last words Mr. Fielding says to his adopted son, Jacob, before they crash into a tree doing sixty. Mr. Fielding dies, and miraculously, Jacob leaves the scene without a scratch. A few weeks later, Jacob returns to Holy Cross, the decaying Catholic school he attends, where his best friend Milo greets him by saying there's a new girl in town. There are hardly ever any new enrollments at Holy Cross, just students leaving for the new South Ridge High, so this is a surprise for Jacob. An even bigger surprise is just how beautiful Ophelia James, nicknamed Oh - the new girl, is.

It all begins when she asks him to sign her cast, on which he writes "You are Indestructible - J". Later on that day, Oh goes concrete surfing and trips, which should have killed her, but she gets up without a clue as to why there's no blood on her whatsoever. Pretty soon, Jacob, Milo, and Oh discover that when said, those three words can actually make a person indestructible and avoid injury and even death. Oh suggests they use this power to save innocent lives. But is that possible? Can death be vanquished? No, and Jacob Fielding learns that in a most horrifying way.

You'll have to read Patrick Carmen's first YA novel, Thirteen Days to Midnight to learn the truth about those three dangerous words... You are Indestructible.

I just started reading this book, so I am glad to see a review of it here on Library Ninja. Thanks, Hafsah! Other books you might like:

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