Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teen Review by Abdullah. . .Erratum by Walter Sorrells

Jessica Sternhagen always knew she was different. She liked things that were. . .just plain different from everything that other people liked. It all started with eleven-year old Jessica's love for books, she read all the books that she could get her hands on. Which basically meant she was tons smarter than other kids.

Jessica lives in Alsberg, Minnesota - aka, the most boring town in the U.S. so it was very typical for her to walk in to a new bookstore that she's never seen before. But something is wrong with the store, the owners talk in old fashioned english, their eyes have weird flickering lights in them, and to top it off they say they have book for her titled Her Lif. At first Jessica thinks its a printers mistake, or erratum, shouldn't it be titled Her Life? All these things are just the beginning of a series of bizarre happenings. Including a narrowly escaped murder, her life getting switched around with her best friend Dale's, and saving the universe.

As master mystery writer Walter Sorrels tells the story of Jessica and "Her Life", he'll have you waiting to turn the page to see what Jessica does next. Mr. Sorrells is also the author of many other award-winning mysteries that have been given the thumbs-up by some of the best critics. Although the cover and title might seem boring, Erratum is extremely fast-paced and compelling for anyone looking for a good read.

Thanks, Abdullah, for the review! Always appreciated. If you want to read something as fast-faced as Erratum, try one of these:

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