Friday, July 30, 2010

The Capitol Declares Tribute from District 12 Hunger Games Trivia Victor

The Hunger Games Trivia challenge was held on Tuesday at the Woodland West Branch Library. After going through the reaping and being given a bit of sustenance (snacks), the tributes were hammered by questions from the Capitol. It was a shaky start for our tributes with few earning points but then a rally began. To the Capitol’s dismay, we began to see rebellion in the form of sneaky-cheating behavior from Districts 4 & 5. Then a precarious alliance between Districts 1 & 9 formed. And then the tributes began to openly rebel when they fought the judges on the answer to one question. Do not fear, Panem, order was restored and the Capitol was successful at thwarting the attempted rebellion. A boy from District 12 proved his outstanding knowledge of all things Suzanne Collins and was crowned the victor. The Capitol wishes to thank all of the tributes who participated in the games. Of course as the Capitol decrees, fun was had by all.

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Disclaimer: No tributes were actually hurt, maimed, or starved during the Hunger Games Trivia challenge.

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