Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teen Review by Fathima. . .Gone by Michael Grant

Imagine a world without adults, perfect isn't it? All the candy you can eat, o rules, chores, or school - its life the way you want it, right? Wrong.

Fourteen year old Sam Temple is in class when his teacher disappears. Poofs. Gone. In the blink of an eye, all the other adults and older teens in Perdido Beach are... gone. No one knows what's going on, because Perdido Beach, California, now known as the FAYZ, is surrounded by an impenetrable barrier. And communication inside the FAYZ has ceased, no phones, television, internet, or satellites.

Things are changing, animals are mutating, bullies are taking over, hunger roams, a mysterious and sinister creature lurks, and some of the kids have started to develop powers. Like Sam, who can shoot green-white light out of his palms. And others who have powers such as the power to temporarily cease gravity, or run faster than the speed of light, or even teleport from one place to another. It sounds cool, but some kids aren't using their powers for good. Sides are being chosen, a fight will soon break out. And they're all running out of time, because when they reach 15, they'll disappear... and no one knows where to.

Only the first three books from this series have been released, and all of them are unbelievable! The cover may throw you off (I don't know about you, but that's what happened to me), but I'm pretty sure you'll find Michael Grant's Gone series "unputdownable"!

As usual, great review, Fathima! This book is a personal favorite of mine, so I hope other readers check it out. Meanwhile, check out these titles, too:

The Enemy
by Charlie Higson

The Gardener
by S.A. Bodeen

by Neal Shusterman


Fathima said...

Thank you! I love the APL!
Will I receive a free book?

Amy said...

Fathima - I sent you an email a couple weeks ago about you review of "The Maze Runner" with a list of books to choose from. Then I emailed the list to you again this morning. Check your email!! ^_^

Fathima said...

I received the one for The Maze Runner, but nothing this morning :( Can u resend it, please?

Amy said...

No problem! I'll send it again. =)