Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Ninja Reviews. . .Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor

So, I was sitting by the pool celebrating the beginning of summer and I picked up the book Girlfriend Material to help me while away the hours. I had wanted to read this book because 1.) it is on this year’s Lone Star Reading List and 2.) the cover has a girl drawing a heart in the sand at the beach indicating that it is the PERFECT summer read (I TOTALLY pick books to read by their covers). I have to say that this book does not disappoint.

Because her parent’s marriage resembles the TV show, Desperate Housewives, Kate finds herself having to cancel ALL of her summer plans in order to accompany her mom to Cape Cod to visit an old college roommate. Kate is a great tennis player and an aspiring writer who is accustomed to life in Salt Lake City, Utah NOT the uber-wealthy and chic atmosphere of the Cape. And then there’s Sarah (her host’s daughter), who is a veritable super model and does not exactly welcome Kate with open arms. Add to everything the fact that Kate has never had a boyfriend and is spending the summer in possibly the most romantic spot ever, yet she is all alone, and you see how Kate’s summer looks very bleak.

Enter Adam, one of Sarah’s best friends. Adam is a cute intellectual who brings Kate into their circle of friends. He is considerate, loves to talk about books, and does not mind being beat by a girl on the tennis court. What more could a girl want In a first boyfriend? The only problem is Adam already has a girlfriend. Will Kate be satisfied with a summer fling or will she hold out for more?

This is such a cute book and is perfect for a “fun in the sun” read! Kate’s internal monologues and “what if” situations had me laughing out-loud. I finished this book in one sitting so it is a very fast read. After I read the book, I realized that the author also wrote If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince?, which is another GREAT book I read because I loved the cover!

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Review by Angela J.

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