Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ninja Listens to.... Mimus by Lilli Thal

For years Prince Florin's father, the King of Moltovia, has been at war with the county of Vinland for many bitter, destructive years. When an opportunity for peace arrives, King Philip of Moltovia gladly takes his retinue to discuss the war's end. Florin waits patiently and after many days he is summoned to join his father at Vinland's court to celebrate the new peace treaty. The Prince is overjoyed and speedily makes his way to his father's side.

But treachery awaits him as soon as he steps into King Theodo of Vinland's castle. Upon his arrival, Florin discovers the deceitful King has tricked him. With his father and Moltovia's royal court imprisoned, Florin finds himself apprenticed to Theodo's snide court jester Mimus, who is considered neither human nor animal. Florin, dubbed Little Mimus, must face the ice cold winter and starvation while living in the stables of the monkey tower. If Florin doesn't learn the art of jesting, his father will pay the price. But Florin never gives up hope that one day, he can be reunited with his King and father.

Mimus (pronounced Mee-mus), set in medieval times, is an excellent tale translated from German. The story is very rich, complex, and at times gritty and barbaric. Teens who love historical fiction will certainly love the realistic portrayal of the times while they sympathize with Florin's humiliation at the hands of his enemies. The reader of the audiobook, Maxwell Caulfield is gifted and highly enjoyable to listen to.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great story - I am going to reserve it for my son. Thanks for the review.

Jenny!!! said...

Thanks for reading! It's definitely an enjoyable historical fiction novel. Especially if your son enjoys a fairly hefty book!