Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teen Review by Areesa... Drums,Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick

Having a little brother or sister is a pain in the neck! Whether they steal your stuff, want to tag along with you everywhere you go, are hurting your chances of accomplishing something, or are just PLAIN ANNOYING!!

That's how 12-year old Steven feels having a little 4-year old brother that never leaves him alone, mainly because Steven is Jeffery's role model and wants to be just like him. The one hobby that keep his mind off of his brother, school and girls like Renee Albert (that doesn't even know he exists) is playing the drums.

Steven is in the band All-City-Jazz-Band at school and thinks he can totally rock it like his role-model and the one and only Carter Beauford at the upcoming concert...even though he's known as the peasant. One morning Steven wakes up to Jeffery nagging him about making moatmeal(a.k.a Oatmeal) and just to get it over with, Steven decides to make some moatmeal but when Jeffery gets on the stool unattended and Stevens not watching Jeffery falls off the stool and has the worst nosebleed Steven has ever witnessed. Stevens parents rushed down the stairs hearing Jeffery's wails

Steven thinks hes about to get it. But nothing happens, they just exchange worried glances.That's when Steven's life turns around he finds out his brother is diagnoised with leukemia and that's when Steven's life turns around. This book is about how Steven overcomes a really difficult obstacle in life and how he survives on frozen microwave; food while his mom is in Philadelphia with Jeffery in the hospital.This is a heart-warming book about a boy realizing and being thankful for what he has.

It is a serious but really funny book that will keep you reading. So read Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie!
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