Monday, October 26, 2009

Teen Review by Lauren... Crystal Doors series by Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson

I recently read the Crystal Doors series by Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson.  The trilogy includes Island Realm, Ocean Realm, and Sky Realm.  The series tells the story of "twin cousins" Vic and Gwen Pierce as they try to unravel their mothers' mysterious disappearances and decipher strange prophecies. The story starts with the cousins being transported to another world called "Elantya" through a crystal door created by their experimenting "Uncle CAP" and landing in the laboratory of Sage Rubicus and his assistant, Orpheon.  They team up with Tiaret, Lyssandra, and Ali el Shariff with his nymph djinni, Piri.

It is soon discovered that the cousins may be the Children of the Prophecy when the five are tested 
for capabilities as "keys" for crystal doors.  All five testing crystals glow more brightly than ever before, fulfilling the prophecy:
"Crystals five will shine like suns,
thus reveal the chosen ones.
When the learning time is done,
chosen ones will chose as one.
Heralding the final fight,
Sages dark and sages bright."

The band soon has to take on the immortal Azric and his top general, who is much closer than they think, all while battling the merlons that are constantly trying to destroy the island.  While the cousins are trying to figure out exactly what all the prophecies mean, Lyssandra is plagued by disturbing visions, Tiaret is busy teaching advanced fighting classes, and Shariff worries about the responsibility he will one day assume as Sultan of Irrakesh.  While it may sound a bit childish, the series is a very good read.

The Arlington Public Library does not currently own this series.  You can purchase this series on or you can email the Library Ninja and request this series for your library branch.
Review by Lauren, fellow Teen Reader and Junior Ninja!

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