Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ninja Reviews... The Navel of the World by P.J. Hoover

Be warned: It's hard to give book spoilers but I find it difficult to talk about this book 
without revealing things from the first book by PJ Hoover, The Emerald Tablet

Benjamin has discovered some very strange things about himself and his family and now he must find his two  brothers and save the world.  Though the task doesn't seem very easy, things get more complicated when he discovers a tablet while interning at his father's office.  He must follow clues, use his wits and depend on friends as he moves through time.  Benjamin and his friends encounter history, adventure and mystery (and a little romance too)!  Benjamin also finds himself in many humorous situations too:

It's not that Benjamin couldn't levitate himself.  After all he was a telegen-not a human, and if anything, he was one of the better students in telekinesis.  Once he got the fall under control, he slowed at each floor and peeked out.  No Ryan so far.  Sure, the giant squid hanging on the outside shaft was pretty cool.  But after three days of having elevator delays because of tentacles wrapped around the lifting components, he kind of wished squid-rights activists didn't care so much, and the squids could just be zapped or something. 

What mainly stands out in this book is the use of mythology and time-travel.  P.J. Hoover has an interesting concept of time travel which makes this series a really enjoyable read!  The mythology throughout the book enhances the story and keeps the book interesting.  If you love books like the Percy Jackson series or just enjoy a good time-travel adventure then I heartily recommend this book!

Win an autographed copy of her first book The Emerald Tablet during Teen Read Week!  The library system will soon be ordering The Emerald Tablet for circulation as well!

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This looks really good. I hope my public library has it!