Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Ninja Reviews...Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce

A small island has requested help from the mage temple Winding Circle. Plants have been dying all over the island, especially near its lone mountain. Dedicate Rosethorn, a plant mage, drags Evvy with her after convincing the temple council that the parents of those boys would calm down with Evvy out of the picture for a while. Even though Rosethorn admits, they really did deserve it. Stone mage Evvy, however, considers the long trip across the water more like a punishment. Yet, as Evvy, Rosethorn, and Dedicate Myrrhtide arrive on the island, having her along seems like foresight.

What is really interesting is how Ms. Pierce melds actual scientific phenomena with a realm of magic. She seamlessly explains actual scientific events with a world unseen by normal human eyes. Melting Stones is a feast for the senses.

For readers who have read other Tamora Pierce novels, Evvy is recognizable from the Circle Opens Quartet book two, Street Magic. Though having the background knowledge of other characters mentioned in Melting Stones is nice; it is not absolutely necessary. The novel can stand on its own.

Don't forget to enjoy Melting Stones' first incarnation as a full cast audiobook. Full cast audio is where every character and the narrator are all voiced by different actors.

If you like Melting Stones, read the rest of the books following the young mages taken in by Winding Circle.

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This book is on YALSA's top 10 nominee 2009 books for teens. You can see the list of nominees here. During August 25 through September 18 you can vote on your favorite and help create YALSA's next top 10 list!

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