Monday, August 31, 2009

D.J. MacHale is coming to the Central Library! Pick up his Pendragon series today!

Book One: The Merchant of Death
Bobby Pendragon had it all. He was a star basketball player, had great friends, and had just gotten kissed by THE Courtney Chetwynde (yes THE Courtney Chetwynde!!). But on the day of his big game his adventurous and mysterious Uncle Press shows up telling Bobby he needs his help. Knowing his Uncle is not one for dramatics, Bobby earnestly follows his Uncle and finds himself 'flumed' into another world called Denduron. In this medieval-esque world, Bobby witnesses the powerful Bedoowans inflicting all kinds of cruelties on the Milagos, whom they have come to view as their slaves.

When Uncle Press is discovered and taken away, Bobby is left with a mother-daughter warrior team to protect him. He comes to learn that, like his Uncle Press, he is a Traveler, someone who can travel between worlds. As a Traveler Bobby is supposed to promote peace and fight injustice, but all he wants to do is run. The only thing keeping him on Denduron is knowing he has to save his Uncle Press from the evil Bedoowans.

Book Two: The Lost City of Faar

Book Three: The Never War

Book Four: The Reality Bug

Book Five: Black Water

Book Six: The Rivers of Zadaa

Book Seven: The Quillan Games

Book Eight: The Pilgrims of Rayne

Book Nine: Raven Rise

Book Ten: The Soldiers of Halla

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