Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ninja Reviews... Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

When the cryptic letters started arriving in the mail, Jonah thought they were a prank. But when his friend Chip started receiving the same letters both boys realized something was up. With no return address and no way of finding out who sent the letters, Jonah and Chip begin to investigate on very little.

Jonah has always known he was adopted and once the letters help Chip find out that he too is adopted, questions start to arise, strange people start to appear, and the only witness to Chip and Jonah's bizarre story shows up. She's the only one talking, but there is a race to silence her story of a mysteriously appearing airplane carrying 36 babies and no adults.

This book starts off a little slowly but builds into a fantastic adventure. It had me steadily turning pages to find out the true identities of Jonah and Chip. And trust me, you will not believe the twist in the end! This book is appropriate for all teens and is a Lone Star Book for 2009-2010.

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