Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rosemary Clement-Moore deserves some props!

Hell Week by Arlington's very own Rosemary Clement-Moore has won the RITA award for best YA Book! *Insert Applause* Yay Rosemary! She blogs about it here.

And I must take a minute to say that it's totally my bad that Highway to Hell, the third book in the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil series, hasn't been ordered for the library. I also blame the economy! And global warming! And the state of health care! Okay not really...I just have myself to blame. But I will be correcting this as soon as possible!

I know we have a lot of fans of the Girl vs Evil series, so I hope you will all forgive me (Rosemary too) for this little slip up! I'd also like to take a moment to thank Rosemary for her generous donation of two signed copies of Prom Dates from Hell for two of our Teen Summer Reading Club prize packs! There's quite a competition going for that pack: (Prom) Date Night.

Again, cheers to Rosemary Clement-Moore for her well deserved award!

1 comment:

Jenny!!! said...

Those of us who are Librarian Ninjas can happily accept a Writer Ninja! :)

Ha, yeah not having Highway to Hell was one of those "What, we don't have it? I totally ordered it! Wait, I didn't order it? What!? GAH!!"

Congrats again on your shiny statue!