Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ninja Reviews. . .The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

One of my favorite series is The Mortal Instruments trilogy. I'm very happy to say that book two in the series is on the list of nominations for YALSA's Top Ten

Book one begins with Clary Fray and her best friend, Simon, going to a New York club called Pandemonium. While there, Clary witnesses other three teens sporting weird tattoos and weapons attack a seemingly innocent club-goer. She soon discovers that she saw something that no normal human should be able to see: an entire world of supernatural beings that exist alongside ours.

Clary's mother soon disappears and Clary is attacked by a creature that she knows shouldn't exist. Questions begin to pile up as Clary wonders why this is happening to her and what secrets this new world carries not only about the beings in it, but about herself.

Book two (the YALSA nomination!) continues right where book one left off. Clary is now fully involved in the world of the Shadowhunters, warriors who battle to protect the world, human and non-human alike, from the darkness of the supernatural world. But how does she fit into this world and can she prove herself while also surviving and protecting those she loves?

The final book in the trilogy will keep you up all night reading so that your questions will finally be answered! What will happen with Clary and Jace? Will Simon be able to lead a life anywhere near normal? Is Clary's mother going to live? And can Clary prove that she can be the strong, powerful young woman that she really is? Will she be able to save them all?

I highly recommend this fast-paced series. It is highly addictive and full of strong and interesting characters. There are a lot of dark moments, but even some highly amusing ones, too. If you enjoy this series, try these titles as well:

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