Monday, July 6, 2009

Teen Review by Mikayla... Crowned by Julie Linker

Hairspray, check
Fake Tan, check
Cute Swimsuit, check
Evening Gown, check
Sabotage Equipment, check

Presley loves the world of beauty pageants and glamour. She has a full time job being a cheerleader, helping at the retirement home, and preparing for the upcoming state scholarship pageant. So when her evil competitor, Megan,is found making out with Presley’s long time boy friend the heat is on.

How far will these 2 go to take home the tiara and title of Miss Teen State? When the winner also gets a chance to be a new reality show, they will stop at nothing… As Presley prepares for the contest she has to endure stolen boy friends, incriminating Internet Pictures, and vicious message board rumors, her 3 friends and a mysterious bad boy help her through it all. But will it be enough to help her win?

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Jenny!!! said...

I just ordered the other Julie Linker book "Disenchanted Princess" that Mikayla recommended in her email to me. Check the library catalog soon to put the book on reserve!