Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teen Webisode Auditions!

July 7, 3-5 p.m.

The world’s first sci-fi teen soap opera has arrived at the Lake Arlington Branch Library! This show, called The Topic, tells the story of a king’s granddaughter, Mardge Samedi. Mardge and her best friend follow a police officer on his investigation of a kidnapped lawyer. The two girls have no idea at that time how drastically their lives are about to change. . .

We're Casting For:
Mardge: 15-16, female
Wesachloe: 15-16, female
Lawyer: (Constent Teller Andrewson): 15-17 male
Officer Drupe: 15-16 female/male
Soldiers:13-16 male/female
Dancers/Singers: Any

The performance will be recorded during a live audience, and then uploaded online!

Auditioning spaces are limited, so call 817-478-3762 to reserve your spot today!

*If auditioning for a speaking role, please bring a photograph and a memorized monologue. If auditioning for a singing/dancing role, you must also have a memorized song/routine ready to perform.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Starting january of 2010 I'm directing Topic Part2. Check out www.topicshow.webs for more info. mabview@yahoo.com