Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ninja Reviews... Bloodline by Katy Moran

The year 650 A.D. in Britain is a time of allegiance to Kings and lords. With the always looming possibility of war, the right allegiance is often the only way to survive. Essa, however, is a boy with no ties except to his father Cai, a roving musician and story weaver. Curiosity is often all Essa can hold on to when it comes to his ancestry. He is neither fully Wixna, Northumbrian, nor Wolf Folk. When Cai mysteriously leaves his son among the Wolf Folk, Essa learns to make a family regardless of blood ties.

Three years after he is left, Essa is made to submit allegiance to the Wolf Folk, sending him on a mission which in turn puts him in the middle of the Wixna people and the Wolf Folk. Knowing King Penda wants to attack his forged family, his true love, and all he holds dear has Essa creating strange alliances, honing his mysterious gift of sight, and bringing forth hidden secrets of his parentage and past.

Mixing history with the mysterious, Katy Moran's Bloodline is a surprising page turner set in Britain. Though sometimes names, clans, and geography can get confusing, Moran has included a helpful map in the beginning of the book labeling the names of British land areas and where the clans live. Teens who love coming of age stories, historical fiction, war stories, and mysteries will enjoy Bloodline. Recommended for all ages.

This book is on YALSA's top 10 nominee 2009 books for teens. You can see the list of nominees here. During August 25 through September 18 you can vote on your favorite and help create YALSA's next top 10 list!

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