Friday, May 15, 2009


If you don't normally read author blogs, you SHOULD because these people are super-fabulous and also crazy because they give away their books and other goodies! There are also a lot of YA Librarians, Booksellers, and Readers who keep blogs and have monthly contests.

Here are some authors and YA lovers currently hosting contests. Just click on the author/blog name to find out more about each contest:

Linda Gerber
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Linda will post sporadically about different YA books and their authors. Find an entry with a book you'd like to have, then comment on that entry about your most favorite pair of blue jeans.

Elizabeth Scott
This one involves taking a photo of one of the author's books.

Carrie's YA Bookshelf
May Contest! Leave a comment on the entry to win.

Reviewer X
Epic Contest: The Chosen One - 50 copies available! Leave a comment, email the blogger. There are a few ways to win.

Reverie Book Reviews
Summer Massive Contest!!! Leave a comment, names will be drawn and you can win more than one book.

My Favorite Author
May Contest: Write a 100 word Faerie story.

Free Book Friday
There's a new book to win every week!

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