Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ninja Reviews...Evermore by Alyson Noel

Release date: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 ---> TOMORROW!!!

The cover is a bit reminiscent of Twilight and, once you get into the book, there are a lot of similarities. There is the new girl at school, beautiful and awkward, and the mysterious guy who is both charming and dangerous. Is he good for her or bad? Should she run from him? And do we want her to?

But to be fair, that is really where the similarities end.

Sixteen-year-old Ever lost her parents and younger sister in a car wreck that also left Ever with a multitude of abilities that she doesn't want. She can see auras, hear everyone's thoughts, and if she touches someone she can know everything about them. She lives with her aunt, who loves her but is distant, and has managed to make two good friends at school. But school is daily torture as Ever tries to ignore the bombardment of private thoughts and feelings of her classmates and teachers with the help of her two friends (who know nothing about her abilities), baggy clothes that make her a bit more unnoticeable, and the earbuds of her MP3 player always in her ears and turned up full blast.

When Ever meets Damen, she feels an instant attraction, but also fear. She just wants to be left alone. She can't deal with getting close to anyone. But when Damen touches her, all she gets is silence. She doesn't hear his thoughts or, for that matter, the thoughts of anyone around her. Is this good or bad?

Ever is an easy character to like. I really felt for her because of all she lost and what she struggled with daily. Her two best friends are also great characters who provide both a little humor. Another recurring character I enjoyed was the ghost of Ever's younger sister, who visits frequently. I kept asking myself if her sister was there to provide comfort to Ever or if she just wasn't ready to move on.

When Damen's past was finally revealed, I felt that the author took a few chapters too long to get there and that once she did, she rushed through it a bit. It was a lot of info to take in that quickly. And Damen - not sure if I liked him or not. He could be pretty creepy.

Overall, I thought Evermore was a really fast, engaging read with some great characters. It is the first in a series, so I'm eager to see if we will learn more about Ever, Damen and friends in the next one, or if the author will introduce us to some brand new characters. Either way, it's sure to be a great read.


Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I always thought it would be terrible to know what everyone thought about you! I'll have to read this one, although to be honest it sounds a little like a chick book.

Oh, and while I'm here, this site is so inactive! There are lots of posts true, but there is only like one comment on each! I keep waiting for a comment on mine, but nothing! Come on guys! If you can't blog very much because you represent the library, then at least raise the publicity for this blogging site (like posters in the libraries and stuff), so that there are teenagers OTHER THAN ME on this site!

I think this could be a great social center. I also think if teenagers were meeting and talking here, then they would meet at the library events, and it would drastically raise teenager attendance to things like, 'story starters', and 'movie night'.

It isn't my place, but somebody has to say it. The whole tone of the site seems to be to get teenagers more involved socially, and literarily. I think the main problem is no one has heard of it except library employees! Teenagers will flock to a free blogging spot if they hear about it. Publicize a little, and you should get alot more teenagers in here talking, reading, and socializing. Which is the idea right?

*climbs off soap box*

Jenny!!! said...

Hello again Jacob! I found your comment to be very honest and so I thought I'd give you the same honesty from my end (as well as the other writers/moderators here at the blog). All of us here at the Library Ninja work for the Arlington Library system. We enjoy our work and love books, and we have a particular fondness for teens and teen literature.

However, our jobs do not strictly revolve around this website. We have minimal time to give to the Ninja sometimes because we're too busy buying books, working on the main website, planning and giving programs, helping library customers, and goofing off with teens who are at the library. As much as we love this site, we have other things that take up a lot of our time.

That being said, we love comments and we love teens that leave them! This blog was created with the intention of being a platform for teen authored blog entries and book reviews. We hope we have tried to create an appealing online space to invite responses and we have! Although we only have a few commenters, that's a start. We want *you* to be proactive and get your friends interested! We want you to send us book reviews and blog entries. We want you to write a paragraph about why Twilight rocks or why busy work at school is a waste of time or how the new Batman movie was the best ever!!! If you want interaction, we will provide the space (and a few discussion points) and you are more then welcome to bring your friends and comment.

If you ever want to post an article or book review, write us a little something and send it to me using the 'Email Us' link at the top of the blog. If it works in our Ninja space we'll post it and give you the credit. We enjoy having you around Jacob; we just can't force teens to write on the blog. But YOU have the inside connection because you *are* a teen! Maybe you can make this place the hot spot to chat about teen books, media, and issues! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cut down to size! I get the point though, and I'll try to get my friends interested. Unfortunately many are far more interested in Halo than blogging. -_-

I am sorry I was so impertinent. I will mind my manners more carefully in future, and will try to practice what I preach. I really had no intention of being rude. :-(

Jenny!!! said...

It's cool! I didn't think you were rude, just honest. We would love for you to get some of those Halo-playing friend interested! :)

super mady said...

I really enjoyed Evermore. It was hard not to get wrapped up in the world of Alyson Noel and lose what was really there. Though, like the review said, I think she went way too fast and the end and gave us a little more information than we could follow. It leaves unanswered questions that have to point to the sequal. This is a story that I will treasure on my bookshelf for years to come.

super mady said...

I forgot to put this in my other one, but I think it is unfair to say that Evermore is just a copy off of Twilight to get a story pubilished. I know some people feel that way but come on! Have they even read it? Twilight and Evermore are hardly in the same genre and that is only because they are both romances.

sililwsk said...

I just read this and loved it! I wanted to review it, but I wanted to make sure somebody didn't do it first already. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

nay :) said...

It's written good, but she doesn't really explain the char
acters very well and I can't quite get a visual image of anyone. And it's copying twilight. He can read minds, they
both are immortal iventually. His dad's kinda like a doctorish guy. Ever is new. Damen is supposed to be hot and all the girls want him, although he only wants her. It annoys me how similar the two are.

Ashley Greene said...

move over twilight because the immortals series off books have push you flat to the ground. i have read and am still reading the immortals series it is the best book i have ever read in the supernatual catagory.
it is so.. interesting the how you just don't keep the whole vampire thing going for example vampire diaries, vampire acadamy and now in this book you keep us guessing in ever more and you make the readers think that Damen the most sexiest and oldest guy in the world that he is a vampire but then in the end BANG! ha ha everyone he isn't and you shopw that books can be interesting and masteriest but they can also be NOT about the so over subject of blood thirsty vampires.
thanks heaps for reading it copmes from my heart <3 u Ever and Damen xxxx