Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Fun

So, you're back at school. You're slaving away.

You're trudging through required reading, bravely conjugating verbs, stridently factoring polynomials, tirelessly memorizing constitutional amendments.

And school just started!

So what you need are a couple of fun and/or ridiculous sites to visit when you're taking a break from the 38 bajillion tons of homework you've been given to finish over the weekend. Lucky for you, I've got links to a few sites that are good for just that.

HeroMachine version 2.5 - This site is AWESOME!! You can build your own Superhero. I can tell you I've done this a couple (hundred thousand) times myself. I love it!

The American Sign Language Browser - This is one of my favorite sites! Click on one of the hundreds of words available and watch a 2 to 4 second QuickTime video that shows a person demonstrating how to sign the word. This is much better than using a book to learn sign language.

Face of the Future - This site was discovered by Melissa, so I can't take any credit for finding it. All you do is upload a photo (preferably one where you are directly facing the camera), crop it on the site as needed, and then run amok with changing your face to resemble the style of artists like Botticelli. - This is pretty much just random weirdness. Cartooney weirdness. I love it. If it's your first time to visit this site, then go to this link, click "main page" on the bottom left in tiny print and, once you're on the main page, find the circle on the left side kind of at the top that says "first time here?". My favorite thing? When you're on the main page, go to "'toons" (on the left side). On that page, click "toons" on the remote. Find the 'toon called "A Jorb Well Done." Ha! Hilarity! (Well, for me, anyway.)

Free Rice - This one is not only highly addictive, it makes you smarter and it results in charitable donations! Basically, go to the site and answer questions from vocabulary definitions to identification of pieces of art. According to the site, "For each answer you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger." (Thanks go to Nicole for showing me this site.)

If you have any cool sites to share, please do so by leaving a comment so that I'll have something to do when I go home after work and sit at my computer and surf the net for hours on end when I have a bit of free time.

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