Monday, March 17, 2008

Tune in @ Your Library with Audiobooks!

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I know it's been awhile since my last post. But today I want to take the time to tell you about some of the great Young Adult audio books we have here in the library's collection. I know that some people have trouble focusing on audiobooks - they're definitely not for everyone. However, if you enjoy multi-tasking of any kind, then you might want to give audiobooks a try. I mainly use them when driving to and from work. However, they're also really great to listen to while working on an art project or while updating your online photo gallery, for example.

My first recommendation isn't actually mine - it comes from Dawn Reyes, the Children's librarian at the Lake Arlington Branch library.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

I am really hooked on the audiobooks of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. The narrator, Jesse Bernstein, does such a great job telling the stories and I get swept up with these fast paced, action packed, funny adventures of Percy Jackson. The series is about Percy, a typical teenager, who discovers that the Greek gods and goddess are alive and well and he goes on several quests across modern day America to battle mythological monsters.

I recently listened to The Titan’s Curse, the 3rd installment in this great series. Many, including Percy, are worried about the evil Kronos, leader of the Titans, who plans to destroy all the Greek gods. There are rumors that Kronos wants to use an unstoppable, ancient monster to achieve his dastardly goal. The hunter goddess Artemis sets out to eliminate the rare and powerful creature and disappears. Then Percy’s best friend Annebeth also vanishes and he and a group of others go out to find and rescue them. This audiobook was just as riveting as the other two and I can’t wait for the next installment. So check out these wonderful adventures on audiobook today! - Dawn Reyes

These next two recommendations are the audiobooks I've listened to most recently.

Avalon High

When an audio book is done right, the voice of the actor will pull you into the story so completely that you won't even realize it's one person reading all of the parts; that is exactly what Debra Wiseman does. Her voices are fresh and unique, and her portrayal of the main character, Ellie, is perfectly rendered. You really feel like you're inside her head, thinking and feeling the things she feels.

The book itself, while not my typical cup of tea, was very enjoyable. It revolves around Ellie, a high school student who has recently been uprooted from her home by her professor parents. She finds herself in a new school were some of the student body may or may not be the reincarnated souls of King Arthur and his court. Not only that, but Ellie discovers that she herself may be an old soul, one who's only destiny is death.

City of Ember

The major thing that really stands out at me about this series isn't the reader, although Wendy Dillon did an excellent job, but the sound effects. I know that sounds silly, but the sounds are what really made this recording come to life. The echoes of dripping water in the tunnels, the rush of roaring rapids, the tick-tock of ancient machines - each new sound sent me deeper into the story until it felt like my world had become one with Lina's.

The story revolves around Lina, who lives in a city plagued by continual darkness, Sadly, the city is old and decaying and the generators that keep the darkness from engulfing them are beginning to fail. Blackouts are common and people go about their lives deathly afraid that it won't be long before the generators fail completely. Then one day, Lina discovers the remians of an ancient message, a message that promises hope for her failing city. But will she have the courage to journey into the Unknown Regions to find the answers she so desperately seeks?

In addition to these amazing titles, there are tons more to discover at all of the library's locations. Just stop by and ask your librarian where the YA audiobooks are located. We'll be more than happy to show you!

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